Music Recording Industry

The purpose of this wiki site is to provide users with an all access gateway to learning about the music recording industry and staying on top of current happenings within the industry. This wiki site will breakdown and analyze the individual components of the music recording industry in order to find the industry's attractiveness as a whole. First, a clear definition of the music recording industry will be given as well as a description of the industry's value chain. Next, there will be an analysis done on the industry structure including an assessment of how the threats of suppliers, buyers, competitors, substitutes, and market entrants effect the music industry all together.

Another section of this wiki site describes current events and other happenings inside the music recording industry. The information used to write about these current events (as well as the industry analysis) was gathered from many different web-related resources. These resources and an analysis of each can be found on the Web Resources page. Links will be provided all over the site where necessary to facilitate the user experience as well as document any sources.

To help navigate the site, a list of all of the music industry related pages can be found below:

Below is a link to my customized search engine that searches through the web pages of many of my resources, giving users access to all the latest news and events regarding the music recording industry.

Music Industry Search Engine

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