Music Recording Industry: Web Resources

This page compiles all of my web resources that I have used throughout creating this wiki site. These resources have helped me stay up-to-date on happenings within the music industry as well as gather background information in which I used for my report. Included is a description and brief analysis of the web resources I found helpful like RSS feeds, email alerts, and image search engines. I also give my reasons and describe some web resources I could have used, but chose not to.

RSS Feeds

Here is a list of useful RSS feeds I put together with the help of NewsIsFree and other RSS feed finders. I checked these RSS feeds through my Bloglines feed reader usually twice or three times a week for updates.

  • Bnet Music Search
    • This is a RSS feed you can subscribe to that is offered by The RSS feed provides updates on changes to the search engine results when you search for "music". Many of the news links provided by the search are useful and have relevant information pertaining to the music recording industry.
  • Music Industry- Google News Search
    • This RSS feed is for a Google News search on the "music industry." If you subscribe to the feed, you will receive updates as they occur regarding changes in the Google News results page for a search on the "music industry."
  • Digital Music News
    • This RSS feed consists of blogs and news on the latest happenings in the world of digital music. The news stories cover a wide range of topics, including items on well known internet music sites like rhapsody and pandora, as well as information involving the "Big Four" music groups.
  • FMQB Music News
    • You can subscribe to this site's RSS feed and receive breaking news regarding the music industry. News items are organize in a timeline like manner, in which the site releases new stories summarizing the weeks happenings.
  • Latin American Music News
    • This Latin American music news site has an RSS feed in which you can subscribe to. Though not especially usual for my project, anyone with an interest in the Latin American music scene should know of this site. It provides a lot of different news stories in regards to Latin music and Spanish artists.

My Thoughts

Generally, I liked the use of RSS feeds to stay updated more than I liked the use of any other web resource tools. I found RSS feeds to be very convenient and easy to use. Getting subscribed to any feed took a matter of seconds and a couple clicks and then it was up and running. One big difference between RSS feeds/feed readers versus email alerts, is that with RSS feeds your email inbox isn't getting bombarded with new messages. Even though you can sign up and have email alerts only come once daily or weekly, as far as I'm concerned that is too often. By having separate RSS feeds and a feed reader, I can look at the news and information when I choose to, and it doesn't get in the way of all my other email stuff. I would recommend using some of the RSS feeds I have provided, in addition to your favorite RSS feed reader like Bloglines, to continue your study and analysis of the music industry.


Email Alerts

Here is a list of useful web pages which provide email alert features or subscriptions that routinely send music industry related news and information to your email inbox. I set these email alerts up so that I was sent either daily, weekly, or monthly updates in the form of emails.

  • Bnet Music Search
    • This is an email alert you can subscribe to that is offered by The email alert provides updates on changes to the search engine results when you search for "music". Many of the news links provided by the search are useful and have relevant information pertaining to the music recording industry.
  • Google Alerts on the Music Industry
    • This email alert is hosted by Google Alerts and provides notification by email when the search results for the "music industry" under Google News change.
  • MusicDish News
    • This email list subscription gives you access to news & analysis, insider commentary, interviews, musician career tips and hundreds of reviews. A subscription from this site and of this nature would be very helpful to smaller artists and industry players that want to stay informed and potentially make a name for themselves.
  • Music News from EIN
    • This email alert is an EIN news service for music industry professionals. News items provided through this email alert are generally about specific artists within the industry. The site also includes many news stories that have an international scope as well.
  • Urban Music News Network
    • This email alert is for updating you on news stories as they relate to urban music. This site has a younger, more artistic vibe, and shares news stories that give a bit of an alternate perspective on the music industry.
  • Latin American Music News
    • This Latin American music news site has an email alert feature in which you can subscribe to. Though not especially usual for my project, anyone with an interest in the Latin American music scene should know of this site. It provides a lot of different news stories in regards to Latin music and Spanish artists.

My Thoughts

After thinking about my experiences with email alerts, I found them to lie somewhere between RSS feeds and page monitors in terms of their usefulness and overall qualities. On one hand, the email alerts were a bit more organized and easier to use than page monitors. On the other hand, I still didn't like the fact that all of this information was going to my email account and mixing in with my other stuff. Throughout my researching and browsing of the web, I found that most all the sites I wanted to use had an email alert feature, if not an RSS feed. This was nice because I didn't have to waste time setting up any page monitors or other such things. I would recommend users interested in the music industry take advantage of some of the email alerts I have listed. They provide a great source of information and are the next best option when RSS feeds are not available.

Page Monitors

Through the use of the service provided by, I kept track of several music news websites that didn't have RSS feeds or email alert capabilities. I set up all of these page monitors so that they gave me either daily or weekly updates. The web pages I received updates on included:

  • Music Label News
    • This web page provides the latest news on notable music labels. New items include stories on the largest of companies like Sony Music Entertainment, in additional to smaller labels like Sunset Records and Surveillance Records.
  • Music Technology News
    • This web page provides news on the latest technology available or being developed in the music industry. The news stories cover topics ranging from new audio/sound capabilities to the latest features on major music sites.
  • Music Industry Business News
    • This web page shares relevant business news as it pertains to the overall music industry and the larger business arena. Many of the stories that make up this web page include not only music companies, but also companies engaging in very different businesses. For example, news stories on Coca-Cola's mobile advertising through ring tones, and EJamming Inc.'s deal with MTV.
  • Music Video News
    • This web page provides music news as it relates to digital videos. News story topics include happenings with video web site, Youtube, as well as information on record labels like Island Def Jam's introduction of mobile phone videos.

My Thoughts

Overall, I had a good experience with page monitors and found them to be useful when necessary. I prefer to just get news stories through RSS feeds or email alerts, but in this case, I wanted to keep track of several sites without those capabilities. So instead, I used page monitors from and they ended up being pretty easy to use and helpful. Basically, the page monitoring service becomes a form of email alert, sending a message to your email account once daily or weekly about any changes in the page of interest. An important distinction to make, however, is that email alerts are generally more user-friendly and better organized given that some sites have already put more effort into organizing this feature. When RSS feeds and email alerts aren't available, I would suggest using page monitors and the web sites provided to help you stay informed about important current events for the music industry.


Image Search Engines

  • Google Images Search
    • This is Google's search engine for images. It is very comprehensive and most likely contains the largest database of images on the web.
  • Flickr Image Search
    • This site contains an extensive database of photos and images, most of which have been uploaded by users. This site also provides an easy-to-use portal in which you can put your own images on the web.

My Thoughts

The image search engines and web sites that I found particularly useful while working on this project were Google Images and Flickr. I used them both quite a bit to help me find and upload images to this project wiki. The majority of the images found within these wiki pages came from Google's or Flickr's database of images. I used pictures of artists including Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, and Britney Spears, after searching for images on these sites. I thought they generally had a very good selection of images and the search results were very relevant to my queries. An additional aspect of Flickr that helped me a lot, was that it provided a portal to easily upload images onto the web for my use. I wanted to take screen shots and other images I had created, and put them onto the web for this project. Flickr allowed me to upload these files, share them to the public, and finally provide an avenue for which I could use them on this site. This whole process, though a little time consuming, was very easy to do, and I highly recommend using Flickr if your interested in uploading images to the web.

Relevant Web Pages

The following is a list of random, relevant websites about the music industry that I found while surfing the Web. I used most, if not all of this web pages to help me write up my report. The majority of these web pages have links provided throughout my wiki site where necessary.

  • 2007 RIAA Consumer Profile
    • This website gives a lot of great statistics about the recent past of the music industry including details on overall market size, sales channels, and different forms of distributed music.
  • Wikipedia - Music Industry
    • This is wikipedia's page on the music industry. It gives a good broad overview of how the music industry is set up with major players and such. It also lists some current trends within the music industry.
  • The Music Industry - From Major to Minor
    • This is an interesting article I saw about the music industry recent trend to digital music and how this has changed the roles of major players within the industry.
  • Five forces on Music Industry
    • This Web page consists of one person's view of the Porter Model on the Music Industry.
  • Music Industry Components
    • This link is to a diagram that shows all the major components of the music industry and how they related to each other.

Web Directory Sources

This is a list of helpful websites listed and found through Yahoo Web Directory and Google Directory. Some of these sites have RSS feeds or email alerts and have been mentioned earlier. Others didn't have these features, but I still viewed these sites regularly and used them to write up information on this wiki site.

  • Music News Wire
    • This is a guide to up-to-date music news on the web. The site links to daily headlines from sites such as Billboard, MTV, VH-1, and more.
  • MP3 News Wire
    • This site offers current news focused specifically on the digital music industry.
  • Music News and Charts
    • This site provides radio industry news and record industry news, along with charts and other information.
  • Business Perspective on the Music Industry
    • This site gives a business perspective on the major issues impacting professionals and executives in the online music industry.

Unused Resources

  • The Deep Web: I chose not to use any resources from the deep web because, most importantly, they were hard to find and not helpful. I tried to use "deep web" sites like Turbo10 and Scirus to find information, but most of the results I found weren't so good. Other, much easier to use, web sites and sources provided me with all the information I needed to write my report. Similarly, I found several of the deep web tools for finding information to be out of date.
  • Tag-based Sites: I also chose not to use any tag-based site resources for some of the same reasons. Although, I find the concept of bookmarking sites like Delicious to be pretty cool, I still couldn't find great information through these avenues. Many of the results and links I was guided to were not relevant and provided a different type of information than I was looking for.
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